Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's My Birthday - 39 Years Old!!!

First off....I can't get enough of this Michael Jackson death coverage. What is wrong with me? I have found myself watching death coverage non-stop since the announcement came down on Thursday night. I found myself listening to Michael Jackson's music again...we all have to was not very cool to listen to M.J. over the past 15+ years so now that he is dead we can at least appreciate the music. Looking forward to watching the funeral - should be one heck of a party!

I have to tell ya, Farrah Fawcett got the death shaft! Here she has been fighting for her life and doing a documentary and she meets her maker a few hours before M.J. kicks the bucket. She gets 3 hours of death coverage and M.J. steals the show and we all will quickly forget about Farrah. 8 months from now on the Emmy Awards we will watch the "Death Retrospective" and they will show Farrah's face and some clips of her on Charlie's Angels and The Burning Bed. The camera will flash out to the crowd and a few people will wipe some tears and then the music will crank up and here comes M.J. once again stealing the DEATH SHOW from Farrah. They will show M.J. on the Ed Sullivan Show, M.J. on American Bandstand, M.J. on MTV, M.J., M.J., M.J.! The stars will all stand up and look like they are crying when over the past 15+ years they all thought the guy was a whack job.

So yesterday was my 39th Birthday. I am 39 years old! What the heck happened? Where have the years gone? Since it was my birthday I was given the gift of a flu bug. I wake up Friday morning with a runny nose, scratchy throat, upset stomach (hmmm....job related?), low grade fever, and the chills. I drive into the office and just can't last as the A.C. in our building is on the blitz (3 WEEKS RUNNING!!!!!!!!). Happy Flippin' Birthday to ME! Over the years I have been known to get ill on my birthday. I believe that out of my 39 years...I have had the flu bug or some sort of illness on the exact date of my origination! On my 25th birthday I vividly remember my future wife coming over to my apartment to celebrate my birthday while I was running a fever of 103 degrees! When I was 9 years old I had the worst sore throat ever. One thing I am very proud of as I head into turning 40....I HAVE NOT BARFED SINCE 1989 ---OVER 20+ YEARS OF NO THROW-UP!

So I had a happy birthday. This year it was not about the gifts but more about the kids. The kids made me some of the most wonderful birthday cards and were very excited that daddy was turning 39! They greeted me at home last night with two gigantic balloons and hugs. We ordered Chinese Food (we might have gone out but I was sick) and watched Kung Fu Panda. They sang happy birthday while they blew the candles out on the cake. I put Ryan up to bed and came back downstairs to sit in my blue chair. My final hours of my 39th date of origination ended with me asleep in my trusty old recliner.

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