Friday, July 3, 2009



During these tough economic times my wife and I have decided to stop living high on the hog as we have done the past 10 or so years and start shopping at

WAL-MART. The transition from Target to Walmart is one that we have had to get use to but it is really amazing how much more affordable it is to shop at the Smiley Face store!

The few times that I have shopped at Walmart since this decision was made have been fairly pleasant experiences. The key when you shop at Walmart is to arrive early in the day or on Sundays during the church hour. Any other time and you are bound to ask yourself......., "What the heck is up with people at Walmart?"

The "Giveaway" Syndrome: Some people who shop at Walmart run into the damn store like stuff is being given away. This just does not happen on the happens all damn year! Lookout for these people as they will knock you over to get to the $2.00 per case Cokes!

The "Cha-Cha" Moment: So you are going down one of the narrow isles at Walmart and you are navigating through the numerous barriers of junk on the floor when you are cornered by another Walmart customer. They guide their cart in the same direction as yours and you begin the "Cha-Cha" cart dance trying to out guess the other shopper on their next cart move.

The "Happy Face" Sticker: The only time you will see anyone smiling at Walmart is when you get the Happy Face sticker from the old fart who greets you at the door. There seems to be something a bit sinister when an old man hands my little boys a smiley face sticker. "Here you go little boy...let me place this smiley face sticker on your chest." Have these people been background checked? I am like...."DON'T TOUCH MY KID!!!"

DIRT: Why does it seem there is always a thick film of dirt all over Walmart? How does TARGET always look, smell and feel clean while WALMART smells, feels, looks and is DIRTY?

Maybe I just became a snob. Tar-geeeeeetttt (spoken with a French accent) was our place to shop for so many years. Who cares if we spent $300.00 per trip (every weekend) and did not use was good! Well, Obama became President and the economy does not seem to be getting any better (as HE promised).

Ohhhh I miss ye!

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