Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are We Crazy????? New Additions to the House of Hud!



We are expecting!!!! In about a month we are going to shock Ryan and Joey with their own puppies thanks to the kind generosity of a former high school classmate whose Lab and Beagle "got it on" unexpectedly.

When I saw the posting on Facebook from my former classmate that she was offering up these adorable puppies I had to take action. I called Jeannie up and said there were some puppies available and we should try to get one of them for the boys. This morning she said, "Why don't you see if she has two available." Uhhhhhh ohhhhh! The kids have finally gotten to the stage where they are we are going to turn the house upside down by adding TWO dogs to the house?!?!?! This should be interesting but also very fun.

This is a big secret to the boys who will have the summer of their life with two new puppies. More details and a video DAILY GREG to come!

Big kudos again to my old classmate from CHS!

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  1. you are welcome!: ) I checked out your Daily Greg, love it. You made me laugh this morning and I'm not really a morning person. I will look forward to more postings. Thanks