Friday, May 29, 2009

My Brother - No Problems with his Swimmers!

No Problems With My Brother's "Swim" Team!
Earlier this week I received a call from my wife who indicated that she read my brothers Facebook Page and the update said:

Bryan Hudson At the hospital with jess. I hope she is ok.

Wed 11:15am · Comment · ·
My first thoughts were of the obvious concern when I called my Dad and he indicated that she had shooting pains in her side. Gas.....nope! Swine Flu....ehhhh uhhhh! In talking with my brother later in the afternoon he had no clue!
Well, Wednesday night rolls around and I speak with my brother and he shares the news that his wife is pregnant!!! Disbelief set in. "SHE IS PREGNANT????!!!!????," I yelled. My wife just about fell off the sofa. Ya see, my brother's wife Jessica just had a baby in January meaning that the moment my brother and Jessica could "make it happen" they certainly did.
I was never a good "swimmer" but my brother certainly seems to have no problem in that area. I am sure the "raincoat" will be on in the future!
Looks like a special present will be unwrapped on the Daily Greg around Christmas Time!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2009

Thanks to those that have sacrificed for our country to make the world a better place for my children.

Greg, Jeannie, Ryan and Joey

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Toilet Gel Story

The Toilet Gel Story

When we were visiting my parent's house in Alabama in April they had this funky little gel thing stuck on the inside of their toilet that I had never seen before. It looked like an oversize circular Sunkist Fruitgem. I was wondering what the heck was going on at my parent's house. Did my dad chew on a Fruit Gem while he was going to the bathroom and it did not flush sticking to the side of the toilet? I soon realized that it was some sort of toilet cleaner and air freshener. I must say that it was like an ocean breeze of freshness coming from the bowl of the toilet even when the bowels where not as fresh...if you catch my drift.

So today we had my sister and her husband over to our house to celebrate her fort...(oooppsss....don't broadcast this) birthday and I started talking with them about this great air freshener in our toilet. This lead to a story that I was not even expecting but what is a classic parent story.

My sister and her husband have a twenty something year old son. While he is not attending school he is home where he spends is free time with his long term girlfriend. My brother-in-law decides to use one of the bathrooms in their "estate" a few weeks ago and notices a "green thing" stuck to the side of the toilet. Alarmed, he thinks that the green thing can be no other than a green condom stuck on the inside of the toilet. He closely examines the "green thing" and begins the rushed process of trying to rid the evidence before my sister got home sparring my nephew the embarrassment of being yelled at by my sister for having sex in her house should she find the green "thing" stuck on the toilet when she arrived home from work.

As my brother-in-law works feverishly to remove the "condom" stuck on the inside of the toilet (I am assuming he was wearing gloves or using sticks) he does notice a fresh smell coming from the "green" condom. As he tries to extract the "condom" from the toilet it starts to break apart and he realizes that the "green co

ndom" stuck on the inside of the toilet is just toilet cleaning gel! Wheeewwww!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Son Saw GOD and He was Wearing a Pink Shirt

My Son Saw God Today and He Was Wearing a PINK Shirt!

It has been a long week at the House of Hud! The week started with the Springsteen concert and it is ending with our youngest son proclaiming to my wife, "I saw GOD today mommy and he was wearing a PINK shirt!"

What is the world is going on at daycare? What are they giving my kids to drink?

I looked on the internet to see what the meaning might be regarding GOD wearing a pink shirt and could not find anything. Maybe this is GOD's way of telling my wife and I that it is time that we take our kids to church to learn about GOD.

Heck, when I was a kid I would remember going to the doctors office and they would have those big, thick books about the big guy on the table and that is where I would get my Godly education. Poor Joey, is his version of GOD a well dressed dude who shops at The Gap and purchases Pink summer shirts?

Looks like it is going to be an interesting 3 day weekend at the House of Hud!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Facebook Updates When I am 80!

Facebook Updates!

It is official - I am addicted to Facebook. With my wife just sitting across the room from me she learns more about my day through the Facebook updates compared to us actually speaking to each other in the evening. How sad has our life become when a hot rockin' Friday night in the "Daily Greg" house is reading other peoples updates on their exciting evenings?

What is even more enjoyable is reading other "friends" Facebook Updates! I have more "friends" on Facebook than I ever had during my high school or college years. (Hmmmm---maybe I was not that skinny, zit faced geek that I thought I was back in the day.) Back to the Facebook updates... This is the section where you can tell the world what is going on in your life. Some people are funny and others sometimes give to T.M.I. - Too Much Information!

So this Facebook update thing had me thinking about what we will post if there is a Facebook in another 40 years and I am (God willing) still alive! Here are some thoughts and here are some of the responses I have received as well:

1. (Insert Name) is drinking a tall glass of Metamucil before going to bed. YAWN!

2. (Insert Name) best friend is Ben Gay and Fixodent!

3. (Insert Name) wonders where all of his retirement money went? Oh yeah...I lost it 40 years ago when the Democrats and Republicans could not get their act together and the country went to hell under Obama's leadership!

4. Susan added (Insert Name) thanks to Depends, I am not afraid of hugs anymore!

5. Kelly added (Insert Name) won the best tattoo in the Alzheimer's unit today...I think!

Final fact for today - I am getting old!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seeing Bruce!

The Daily Greg Goes to the Springsteen Concert

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Bruce Springsteen Concert in Washington, D.C. A few things that I am quickly coming to the realization on:

  • I am almost 39 years old and my poor body can't much handle being out after 10:00pm anymore.
  • When you look around the crowd at a Springsteen Concert and see people about 60 years of age dancing like idiots and getting drunk that I am just twenty or so years away from that!
  • Why are my ears still "ringing" 19 hours or so after the concert. Do I need to see a doctor?

There were several highlights from the evening. The funniest moment was probably when I started to interview a homeless guy who was selling some sort of paper started to hug my sister while Fox 5 News - WTTG was reporting live from the concert. My sister's husband was watching Fox 5's Will Thomas reporting live at that time and saw the whole thing playing out behind the reporter as he was reporting LIVE on the concert.

Drunk Middle Age People: there is nothing more ridiculous than seeing people in their 40's and 50's getting totally smashed and making idiots of themselves! There was a couple below us who were stoned drunk out of their minds. They looked liked idiots and I believe that the guy may have visited the DC Jail on Monday night after he started to touch and man handle a female usher.

As for Bruce - he was very good. My wife liked his more "upbeat" nature (probably because a Democrat is in office) as the last time we saw him President Bush was still in office. The "Band" was looking much older and it was sad to see that Clarence actually had a rocking chair on stage for him. I was wondering if this might be the final time we see Clarence on stage...I am worried about the BIG MAN!

On a final note....Happy Birthday to my sister Lynn! You are the best sister in the world!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Plagiarism at the New York Times...GASP!

Plagiarism at the New York Times

There is no big shock today that print media is losing readership and most of its credibility. The New York Times has been on life support the past few years with scandal after scandal (although if you are NBC Universal they still take their polls as gospel).

The latest offering from the New York Crimes....errr Times is an article by Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Maureen Dowd. Thinking that she would not get caught, she took the written words of a blogger....yes a blogger...**knock, knock** A BLOGGER!!!! to take virtually word for word and at it to an article that was posted in the New York Crimes this past Sunday.

In the original article "written" by Dowd she was "quoted": "More and more the timeline is raising the question of why, if the torture was to prevent terrorist attacks, it seemed to happen mainly during the period when the Bush crowd was looking for what was essentially political information to justify the invasion of Iraq."

In Blogger Josh Marshall's blog article that Dowd lifted...she just arranged a few words! Nahhh....that's not plagiarism! Dowd said she heard a friend "quote" the article and she "took" the friends words and added it to her article. crap meter is raised on this one just like my crap meter was raised last week when Nancy Pelosi said she was never briefed on the advanced interrogation techniques against the terrorists who killed innocent Americans.

It is Time to boycott the Times! Also, the next time you hear of a New York Times-NBC News Poll, how much credibility can you really put in the accuracy of that poll? Another year or so there may be no more New York Times as we know it anyway so it may not even matter.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Daily Greg Blog

Welcome to the Daily Greg

My name is Greg - I am a late 30'ish "professional" and I like to make people laugh and I love meeting new people. From the time I was a little boy I owned a tape recorder and would interview people and today I carry around a camera and interview people and created a video blog called: "The Daily Greg" posted on You Tube.

During these tough times when everyone is taking themselves a little too seriously, we need people out in the "real" world who can make us look at life in a more light hearted. That is my mission!

Welcome to: The Daily Greg!