Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going Green!

"Going Green!"

Are you like me and you are sick and tired of the media talking about "going green?" It reminds me of the time during the Clintoon administration when Hillary said, "It takes a village..." a village for what!?!?! The media jumped on that like a dog jumping on the back side another dog in heat!

So today the media is all over the "going green" thing. I have got to tell you...the only time the "Daily Greg" goes any type of green is when we eat celery or broccoli or it is St. Patty's Day. Matt Lauer and NBC Universal/ GE will not tell me to go green! I have enough things to worry the GREEN in my pocket in an era of increased taxes and company downsizing and cut backs. I am tired as well. When it is a Saturday or Sunday and I am home from the office I do not want to use the brain or physical power to take my aluminum Coke Can and throw it in a recycle bin. That is too much effort. I will "accidentally" throw it away in the regular "GREEN" trash bag and that makes me feel like we are "Goin' Green" here at the House of Hud.

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