Friday, May 29, 2009

My Brother - No Problems with his Swimmers!

No Problems With My Brother's "Swim" Team!
Earlier this week I received a call from my wife who indicated that she read my brothers Facebook Page and the update said:

Bryan Hudson At the hospital with jess. I hope she is ok.

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My first thoughts were of the obvious concern when I called my Dad and he indicated that she had shooting pains in her side. Gas.....nope! Swine Flu....ehhhh uhhhh! In talking with my brother later in the afternoon he had no clue!
Well, Wednesday night rolls around and I speak with my brother and he shares the news that his wife is pregnant!!! Disbelief set in. "SHE IS PREGNANT????!!!!????," I yelled. My wife just about fell off the sofa. Ya see, my brother's wife Jessica just had a baby in January meaning that the moment my brother and Jessica could "make it happen" they certainly did.
I was never a good "swimmer" but my brother certainly seems to have no problem in that area. I am sure the "raincoat" will be on in the future!
Looks like a special present will be unwrapped on the Daily Greg around Christmas Time!

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