Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Facebook Updates When I am 80!

Facebook Updates!

It is official - I am addicted to Facebook. With my wife just sitting across the room from me she learns more about my day through the Facebook updates compared to us actually speaking to each other in the evening. How sad has our life become when a hot rockin' Friday night in the "Daily Greg" house is reading other peoples updates on their exciting evenings?

What is even more enjoyable is reading other "friends" Facebook Updates! I have more "friends" on Facebook than I ever had during my high school or college years. (Hmmmm---maybe I was not that skinny, zit faced geek that I thought I was back in the day.) Back to the Facebook updates... This is the section where you can tell the world what is going on in your life. Some people are funny and others sometimes give to T.M.I. - Too Much Information!

So this Facebook update thing had me thinking about what we will post if there is a Facebook in another 40 years and I am (God willing) still alive! Here are some thoughts and here are some of the responses I have received as well:

1. (Insert Name) is drinking a tall glass of Metamucil before going to bed. YAWN!

2. (Insert Name) best friend is Ben Gay and Fixodent!

3. (Insert Name) wonders where all of his retirement money went? Oh yeah...I lost it 40 years ago when the Democrats and Republicans could not get their act together and the country went to hell under Obama's leadership!

4. Susan added (Insert Name) thanks to Depends, I am not afraid of hugs anymore!

5. Kelly added (Insert Name) won the best tattoo in the Alzheimer's unit today...I think!

Final fact for today - I am getting old!

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