Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seeing Bruce!

The Daily Greg Goes to the Springsteen Concert

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Bruce Springsteen Concert in Washington, D.C. A few things that I am quickly coming to the realization on:

  • I am almost 39 years old and my poor body can't much handle being out after 10:00pm anymore.
  • When you look around the crowd at a Springsteen Concert and see people about 60 years of age dancing like idiots and getting drunk that I am just twenty or so years away from that!
  • Why are my ears still "ringing" 19 hours or so after the concert. Do I need to see a doctor?

There were several highlights from the evening. The funniest moment was probably when I started to interview a homeless guy who was selling some sort of paper started to hug my sister while Fox 5 News - WTTG was reporting live from the concert. My sister's husband was watching Fox 5's Will Thomas reporting live at that time and saw the whole thing playing out behind the reporter as he was reporting LIVE on the concert.

Drunk Middle Age People: there is nothing more ridiculous than seeing people in their 40's and 50's getting totally smashed and making idiots of themselves! There was a couple below us who were stoned drunk out of their minds. They looked liked idiots and I believe that the guy may have visited the DC Jail on Monday night after he started to touch and man handle a female usher.

As for Bruce - he was very good. My wife liked his more "upbeat" nature (probably because a Democrat is in office) as the last time we saw him President Bush was still in office. The "Band" was looking much older and it was sad to see that Clarence actually had a rocking chair on stage for him. I was wondering if this might be the final time we see Clarence on stage...I am worried about the BIG MAN!

On a final note....Happy Birthday to my sister Lynn! You are the best sister in the world!

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