Saturday, May 23, 2009

Toilet Gel Story

The Toilet Gel Story

When we were visiting my parent's house in Alabama in April they had this funky little gel thing stuck on the inside of their toilet that I had never seen before. It looked like an oversize circular Sunkist Fruitgem. I was wondering what the heck was going on at my parent's house. Did my dad chew on a Fruit Gem while he was going to the bathroom and it did not flush sticking to the side of the toilet? I soon realized that it was some sort of toilet cleaner and air freshener. I must say that it was like an ocean breeze of freshness coming from the bowl of the toilet even when the bowels where not as fresh...if you catch my drift.

So today we had my sister and her husband over to our house to celebrate her fort...(oooppsss....don't broadcast this) birthday and I started talking with them about this great air freshener in our toilet. This lead to a story that I was not even expecting but what is a classic parent story.

My sister and her husband have a twenty something year old son. While he is not attending school he is home where he spends is free time with his long term girlfriend. My brother-in-law decides to use one of the bathrooms in their "estate" a few weeks ago and notices a "green thing" stuck to the side of the toilet. Alarmed, he thinks that the green thing can be no other than a green condom stuck on the inside of the toilet. He closely examines the "green thing" and begins the rushed process of trying to rid the evidence before my sister got home sparring my nephew the embarrassment of being yelled at by my sister for having sex in her house should she find the green "thing" stuck on the toilet when she arrived home from work.

As my brother-in-law works feverishly to remove the "condom" stuck on the inside of the toilet (I am assuming he was wearing gloves or using sticks) he does notice a fresh smell coming from the "green" condom. As he tries to extract the "condom" from the toilet it starts to break apart and he realizes that the "green co

ndom" stuck on the inside of the toilet is just toilet cleaning gel! Wheeewwww!

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