Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Fun of Obama!

"Mile High O-Clubama"

I love making fun of Barrack O'Bama! I know that it may not be the "P.C." thing to do but this guy seems to be getting a free pass at every turn. I have to tell you, if the question was asked of me if I am better off today than I was a year ago I would have to say....HECK NO!

I have watched friends of mine lose their jobs and have watched unemployment jump to close to 10% when Vice President "O"-Biden said it would not surpass 8%. I have watched companies cut employee salaries by half following trends that I have seen written in the Washington Post and New York Times business articles. Ohhhh but O'Bama is O'BAMA and he gets a pass because he is a lightweight and it all must be George Bush's fault....PUHHHHLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE!

I could not believe it today when I was watching one of the news programs and they were analyzing O'Bama's ass glance of a teenage chick at the G8 Summit and they said he was looking at something on the ground. It must have been the shadow of the ass. Bob Scheiffer of CBS News had to laugh when a Democrat who was on the show tried to explain that O'Bama was looking at something else besides the teenage booty that was walking next to him and he did what most guys would do and took a quick peek!

Now the media fallen in love with that big headed dude as well....what is his name??? "O"-Geitner and I have only seen things get worse. Where has all the stimulus money gone??? Ask O'Geitner because he wants stimulus #2 and he thinks along with the "King of $$$" that they can tax the wealthiest of Americans to make up the increasing deficit. Who could have ever imagined that if you worked hard to become wealthy that wealth would become a dirty word!

This weekend the President returned from his little trip overseas and the media was waiting for him in the wee hours to get a picture of him getting off his plane trying to re-create "O"-Camelot!

I have to admit that I got all caught up in the O'Bama madness back in the fall. O'Bama came and spoke literally right across the street from my house in Virginia in the final week or so of the campaign. O'Bama could give one heck of a O'Speech! He still can! He is a teleprompter king. This dude gave me chill bumps when he spoke (Note: I did not get a tingle up my leg like Chris Matthews explained on MSNBC) and I was an O'Believer!!!!

I regret that I made a BIG-O mistake! Granted, the Republicans blew it fielding an old man and Palin. I liked Palin but the media saw a possible threat and did her in! Palin also did herself in a few times but there was a double standard. While Biden was making a mistake a minute he got off with a few media laughs. When Palin fumbled, it became headline news. This is the trend in the media - they did the same thing with that red-headed V.P. of ours back in the campaign of 1988 - Dan Quayle. That is when character assassination in politics truly began in the U.S. media.

So why is it that I am on O'Bama's fanny all the time?

1) It is fun because it is not the P.C. thing to do!

2) I laugh when he still blames Bush for the economy and other "ill's" in the country and does not hold himself accountable. The honeymoon (and date nights on my taxpayer dollars) is over!

3) I have a right! I voted in this last election (for Obama?!?!?! guess) and I can criticize with playful humor.

All I can say is that I can't wait for 2012! In the meantime I will praise O'Bama when I feel he has done something right (I am all for Stem Cell Research) and will be on his case when things go bad....unemployment at all time highs, etc.,etc.,etc.,........................!

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