Saturday, July 4, 2009

Santa 4th!

Hey Kids......Santa 4th Came Last Night!
How screwed up are my kids going to be? Last night I stayed up very late cleaning the house and decorating it in advance of the annual "Hudson Family 4th of July Spectacular" that we have been hosting for 5 years now. Each year we have family over for a day of fun that includes either a moon bounce or massive 34 foot water slide and tons of food and lots of good music.
As we were all in bed this morning and my son Ryan woke up he says with excitement, "Happy 4th of July Mommy ---Happy 4th of July Daddy!" And that is when my mouth opened up and I can't believe what I said......
"Kids - guess who came to our house last night? SANTA 4th!"
Santa 4th? What is wrong with me? The kids jumped out of bed like it was Christmas morning to tip toe down the stairs to see what Santa 4th had left them. I told them that Santa 4th came to decorate the house and clean it for the 4th of July and that they could only play with one toy until all of our guests arrived for the "Hudson Family 4th of July Spectacular" starting today at 3:00pm EST.
The great thing about Santa 4th is that Santa 4th does not leave $500.00+ worth of gifts. He just cleans the house, decorates the house with patriotic decorations and the kids believe that it is their duty to keep their play area clean for the day. Hmmm......tomorrow is going to be Santa 5th!
Have a great 4th of July and stay tuned for video updates of a very special day full of Video Daily Greg's on Facebook and Youtube!
Greg "Santa 4th"

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